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Pruning and Personal Growth

When you prune a plant, you trim away unwanted branches or stems. Usually, it’s because they’re dead, dying, or overgrown in the wrong places. Cutting away these parts isn’t damaging to the plant. On the contrary, you support its growth in the right direction. You accelerate its fruitfulness.

I myself have been in a season of pruning, as it relates to how I spend my time. I am involved in many activities. Some of these no longer serve the purpose that they once had. That’s not to say they’re no longer good or worthy endeavors. But there is a time for everything, and it is now time to let them go.

One of those activities is this blog. I had started it in 2017 to “inspire a countercultural view of work that affirms the dignity of every individual and drives sustainable community impact.” It was a lofty goal but an important one. I’m glad that many people have benefited from my writing. Some have shared how I had helped them find clarity in their career decisions. I’m grateful for their feedback.

Writing this blog has also helped to clarify and crystalize my own beliefs on work. During the pandemic, many people have realized or redefined their priorities, especially as it pertains to work. They have sought out resources on work, meaning, and identity. There continues to be a deep need in this area. And I will continue to work to meet that need.

That said, I don’t believe this blog is the right outlet. I will launch a Substack newsletter at: I invite you to subscribe and engage with me there.

In addition, I’m writing a book on professional networking. I look forward to sharing more as it comes together. Thank you to all who have read this blog the past 5 years. I wish you success in your own career endeavors. May you find clarity in your purpose and in your path.