Inspire a countercultural view of work that affirms the dignity of every individual and drives sustainable community impact.

PurposeRedeemed helps individuals:

  1. find clarity for their careers and businesses, and
  2. develop healthy perspectives on work and identity.

We provide actionable insights for employees and entrepreneurs through high-quality content on career and business development.

To work is a divine calling. We affirm honest work in any profession, whether white- or blue-collared, compensated or pro bono. We value people over profit and believe that joy and meaning are essential, not incidental, to work.

As workers, we are stewards. What we have is not ours alone. We manage our time, talents, and resources to meet the needs of others. We are accountable for producing goods and services that enable the community to flourish.

Our work is governed by integrity, excellence, and collaboration. That means we hold ourselves to strict ethical standards; we strive to deliver top-quality content; and we engage like-minded partners to accomplish shared goals.

PurposeRedeemed is the work of Christopher K. Lee, a healthcare strategist and adjunct professor in Southern California. He is passionate about helping individuals find their calling and thrive in their careers.

Through his own experience, Chris saw how distorted our cultural concepts of work are: Some people view it as just a paycheck; others, as their source of significance. Neither extreme is ideal. Chris believes that work should be meaningful, impactful, even joyful. That’s why he started PurposeRedeemed to elevate the conversation on work and identity and to inspire a better way.