Seek Out Mentors

mentor, leader, coach

There’s no such thing as a self-made man or woman. Behind every successful individual are mentors—teachers, coaches, advisors—who have supported and invested in them. Basketball players have free throw coaches; pop stars, voice coaches. Even CEOs seek guidance from executive coaches and more experienced CEOs. You need a mentor (or several) as well. Mentors are … Continue reading Seek Out Mentors

Find the Right Boss—Yes, It Really Matters

manager, supervisor, boss

Many job seekers are too easily dazzled. Some are delighted by ping pong tables and whiteboard walls. Others are thrilled by onsite gyms, free lunches, employee discounts, and so on. But the novelty of these perks soon fade. The top determinant of your job satisfaction—more than company name, work environment, a fancy title, compensation or … Continue reading Find the Right Boss—Yes, It Really Matters

Overcome the Noise

ocean, open sea, focused

Blindfolded I meandered through the obstacle course, guided by the voice of my partner. Meanwhile, opposing teams made noise and gave conflicting directions. Progress was slow, each step careful. The makeshift obstacles themselves weren’t difficult. The challenge was focusing through the distractions. Post-college life often resembles this game. To reach your destination, you must separate … Continue reading Overcome the Noise

The Allure of Busyness

time, busyness, rat race

Advertisements often reflect societal values. Amtrak tells commuters to “stay productive” with its free Wi-Fi service. 5-hour ENERGY promises to “help you get through your busy day.” Microsoft claims that its products “do more. Just like you.” We’ve been conditioned to believe that success demands constant activity. In today’s hyper-connected global market, we must keep … Continue reading The Allure of Busyness