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Challenging Your Self-Limiting Assumptions

In this series, we’ve discussed 10 common beliefs that may be holding you back from achieving—or even pursuing—your goals. Some of them are about tangible changes; others are about a matter of mindset. Some are hesitations based on the past; others are worries about the unknown. Some require garnering approval; others involve accepting yourself. Ultimately, … Continue reading Challenging Your Self-Limiting Assumptions

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You Don’t Need to Fit the Label

Nerds, jocks, emo kids—these are a few archetypal social groups in high school. These labels categorize students of similar characteristics, distinguishing the “cool kids,” for example, from those less popular. But this doesn’t stop when we graduate high school. Throughout our lives, we must deal with ingroups versus outgroups. In each social setting, we seek … Continue reading You Don’t Need to Fit the Label