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You Don’t Need to Change the World

The idea of being a world changer is a fairly modern concept. It’s enabled by the globalization and technological advances of recent decades. It’s reinforced by millennial idealism and hustle culture today. Our society is hungry for rags-to-riches stories. We’re enamored by the prospects of social media celebrity and startup IPOs. Anything seems possible these … Continue reading You Don’t Need to Change the World

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Write Less, Say More: Emailing Effectively

Dear early careerists, When writing emails, please get to the point. Cover relevant details, but don’t overexplain yourself. I understand the challenge. Years of schoolwork have conditioned you to cite the literature, describe your methods, address counterarguments, and fill the page. But work isn’t school, and emails aren’t essays. Be concise. Your colleagues will appreciate … Continue reading Write Less, Say More: Emailing Effectively