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Pick Up the Phone: The Advantages of Voice

“1876 was the greatest year in human history.” The man paused for someone to ask why—or perhaps just for dramatic effect—and explained: “Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone that year.” Our director of sales was fond of sharing this piece of trivia. In his profession, phone calls are vital. Emails and website content may offer … Continue reading Pick Up the Phone: The Advantages of Voice

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Give and Connect: Networking Demystified

Networking—the word makes many cringe. Some think that it’s disingenuous. They envision smooth operators and politicians wheeling and dealing. For others, networking is too forced and awkward. The introverts among us would rather curl up with a book at home. Still a number are content with their circumstance and don’t feel the need to network. … Continue reading Give and Connect: Networking Demystified

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Overcome the Noise

Blindfolded I meandered through the obstacle course, guided by the voice of my partner. Meanwhile, opposing teams made noise and gave conflicting directions. Progress was slow, each step careful. The makeshift obstacles themselves weren’t difficult. The challenge was focusing through the distractions. Post-college life often resembles this game. To reach your destination, you must separate … Continue reading Overcome the Noise