Write Less, Say More: Emailing Effectively

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Dear early careerists, When writing emails, please get to the point. Cover relevant details, but don’t overexplain yourself. I understand the challenge. Years of schoolwork have conditioned you to cite the literature, describe your methods, address counterarguments, and fill the page. But work isn’t school, and emails aren’t essays. Be concise. Your colleagues will appreciate … Continue reading Write Less, Say More: Emailing Effectively

Give and Connect: Networking Demystified

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Networking—the word makes many cringe. Some think that it’s disingenuous. They envision smooth operators and politicians wheeling and dealing. For others, networking is too forced and awkward. The introverts among us would rather curl up with a book at home. Still a number are content with their circumstance and don’t feel the need to network. … Continue reading Give and Connect: Networking Demystified

Seek Out Mentors

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There’s no such thing as a self-made man or woman. Behind every successful individual are mentors—teachers, coaches, advisors—who have supported and invested in them. Basketball players have free throw coaches; pop stars, voice coaches. Even CEOs seek guidance from executive coaches and more experienced CEOs. You need a mentor (or several) as well. Mentors are … Continue reading Seek Out Mentors